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20 Interesting Facts About Australia

Authors of our service like travelling. For this time, one of them prepared an interesting fact list about Australia, in order to show how special this country is.

Flag of Australia

Australia Facts

  1. Australian law makes citizens vote on elections. The citizen who didn’t come to vote without having any serious reason is to pay the fine.
  2. Houses in Australia are badly isolated from cold, so there can be cool inside in winter months, when the temperature outside is lower than +15 of Celsius. No wonder that the fashion for “ugg boots” came from Australia. Australians wear those boots even while being at home. 
  3. Australia is the only continent on the planet which is occupied by one state.
  4. Australians never leave tips. Though, some people notice this fact to influence Australian service negatively.
  5. Australians often call their relatives (Englishmen) with the word “pome” which is an acronym for “Prisoners of Mother England”.
  6.  Canberra became the capital of Australia as the result of an agreement between Sydney and Melbourne: Australians couldn’t decide which city should be claimed as “The first one”, so they located their capital between two rival cities.
  7. Kangaroo meat can be easily found in stores and restaurants of Australia. Here it is thought to be a good alternative for beef or lamb: the amount of fat in kangaroo meat is no more than 1-2 percent.  
  8. The most poisonous snake in the world lives in Australia. It is the coastal taipan; its bite is able to kill 100 humans with a single dose of poison.
  9. There are numerous immigrants from all over the world living in Australia. According to statistics, every fourth Australian citizen was born outside the country.
  10. Though Australia is associated with the sunny place with no snow, there is more snow in Australian Alpes than in the whole Switzerland.
  11. There is an own mailbox on the Great Barrier Reef. One who sailed there by ferryboat can send a postcard with the Reef landscapes to relatives.
    Great Barrier Reef Australia

    Amazing Australia

  12. The biggest soccer victory in the whole sports history belongs to Australian Team which won a match against American Samoa with the score 31:0 in 2001.
  13. The narrowest road in the world passes across the Nullarbor Plain in Australia: 146 kilometers without a single turn. 
  14. Australians are crazy about gambling. According to statistics, nearly 80% of country’s citizens play for money from time to time.
  15. Lots of Australians are descendants of prisoners, but genetics has no power here: as ratings say, Australian citizens are the most lawful ones in the world.
  16. The longest wall in the world is not the Great Wall of China, but so-called “Dog fence” which divides Australian continent into two parts. One of these parts is the area where wild dingo dogs live. This fence was built aiming to protect pasturelands of South Queensland from dingo. The overall length of that fence is 5614 kilometers.
  17. Nearly 60% of Australian population is concentrated in five cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Sidney, Melbourne and Perth.
  18. The first unit of Australian police has 12 men in it. All of them were formal prisoners, promoted to policemen because of their exceptionally good behavior.
  19. In Southern Australia, there is the farm named “Anna Creek Cattle Station”. Its square is larger than the whole Belgium.
  20. An air in Tasmania is called as the clearest air on the planet. 

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