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How to Avoid Negative People

Get Rid of Toxic Persons

First of all, let’s determine who these “negative” people are, according to the vision described in the article.

Those are all persons who constantly complain their lives and throw a huge massive of their troubles onto your head. They won’t do any single step to solve those problems on their own, but please (or sometimes even demand) you to help them. It takes one single time to follow them, and you are going to become the one who is guilty in all the miseries that had ever happened or will happen to that person in future.

Negative person NEVER supports you. Moreover, such human is ready to put efforts on making your idea fail. Once you start losing weight, expect them to visit you in company with a tasty cake. Once you decide to stop smoking, they will breath cigarette smoke directly into your face, getting lots of pleasure. Your loss and powerless feeling makes these negative people feel themselves happier and higher than you.

As a rule, toxic person is completely locked for any criticism, and they react on it in exceptionally painful way. These people don’t want to change themselves, they hate any possible try to change the usual state of their life. When somebody comes to a success – they express their irritation. When someone’s idea didn’t make it – they start mocking on this fact & initiative. Negative people always see exclusively dark side. They don’t believe in themselves, and spread their despondency and hopelessness onto everyone around them.

Well, here we don’t describe features of negative people. You almost surely met them on your own, didn’t you? Here we are to talk how to avoid these people and how to get rid of them. Why is that so important?

Negative people slow your growth down, they don’t allow you to achieve your life goals. These persons dissuade you, convincing not to actively do something. They bring doubts to your reality and make you lose your way.

Negative energy of toxic people influences your energy level. Plus, if to mention all stresses and anxieties they could bring, we get a completely sad story, don’t you think?

Your life directly depends on the people around you. The more negative persons are there in your environment, the more difficult and low your life will be. Being surrounded by positive people will secure your area to fly in, negative environment will become a deep swamp you’ll sink in.

Step One: Determine Your Goals

Find where your troubles are, and create a step-by-step plan helping you solve them. First thing to do is to ask yourself if your life is okay. Are you satisfied with it? What creates obstacles while you move to your goals? What exactly your goals are? How strong is your will to achieve them? Are you ready to totally change your habits, environment and lifestyle in order to move forward? Who are the people slowing you down, and who pushes you forward?

Step Two: Locate Vermin

Negative people always make you feel yourself worse than before you met them for the first time. They deny your energy, they bring feelings of emptiness and despair to your mind. You feel fatigue, irritation and resentment.

These people always tell you to stop doing something. They sincerely show their interest in you and your intentions, but they never tend to help you, trying to make you refuse any changes. “You won’t make it… it’s too dangerous… you should wait... you’re late already”: these and many other words like that are always in their pockets.

Negative people can have various appearances and shapes. Sometimes they might even seem to be pleasant and to have interesting features. Despite that, once you’ve noticed a toxic charge in any human, it is better to keep yourself away.

Step Three: Let Them Go

All you need to do is to start. Slowly, moving step by step, you’ll find the most effective and painless way to throw negative persons out of your environment. Keep away from them. Don’t answer their calls. Remove them from your friend-list in social media services.

Avoid any explanations (at least, don’t tell real ones). Otherwise this may lead to a showdown, which will become one more reason for them to drink your tasty blood. Negative people are really great in providing showdowns, so don’t let yourself to enter that game. Just let them get out of your life. “The subscriber cannot receive your call at the moment…”

Step Four: Don’t Feel Yourself Guilty

You’ve got the one and only life. It’s not worth being worse only because of you’re afraid to upset somebody. You are to be your best friend. If you won’t take responsibility for your life and wellness, then don’t think someone will do that instead of you!

A hundred to one: before you decided to remove a person from your life, you tried hundreds of ways to change them. If none of wise words could help you effectively, there’s no other way except of changing your environment. It is not a must for you to keep up with the same people during your life. Whatever is the reason, people can grow, develop and change. The same works for relationships between them: they can both get closer and stop existing as well.

Remember, you better don’t underestimate the influence negative people could have onto your life. It is able to cross all your life plans, and leave even the strongest person with no vital energy. This is confirmed by many people’s experience.

Hurry up, and clean your environment!

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