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Becoming a Student in a Big City and Things You Should Know About It

Student in New York

No doubts, going to college in a big city will have a giant impact on your future lifestyle. Urban schools have much more things to offer than those in small towns – from the food choices to the activities beyond campus. But you should understand that this kind of lifestyle and environment isn’t for everyone, so you might want to read few interesting tips about life in a big city.


Depending on which city colleges you’re thinking about, you might not have a typical campus. Class buildings and dorms of your school could be scattered across the city. While it might seem like a weird and uncomfortable thing, it just means you will have to do much more off-campus exploration.

Having your own car may be very expensive for a student, and, besides, sometimes it isn’t permitted by some of the schools. That’s why you will have to get used to the public transportation system. And don’t be afraid – getting lost one day might result in you finding your favorite spot in the city.

Busy studying process can easily lead to you getting stuck in your campus bubble, even if it’s not a typical college campus. Undoubtedly, being a student in a big city offers a lot of advantages for young people – having a chance to explore the city is one of them.

High Prices

It is really true – living in a big city is much more costly than living in a small town, but don’t freak out! There are plenty of ways to save money – student discounts, dining halls, and a lot of other special offers for students only.

So a good tip is to do some research and find out all the benefits your student id can bring you. A lot of museums offer free tickets, most of the cinemas offer fantastic discounts, and the majority of places like coffee shops and restaurants constantly offer tons of special deals programs for students.

Besides, there will be a lot of different exciting student events on and off the campus which you might want to visit. So spend some time and check up on your list of suggestions on Facebook, you may find few good offers!

Get Used to the Loud and Busy Lifestyle

Big city life means adapting to constant noises and often dirtiness, but, most likely, you will end up loving this lifestyle! There are a lot of useful tips that might be very helpful for you to adjust to all the hustle and bustle of city living.

Your primary goal is to find your secret silent place or to create one, once you manage to do this in a big city, you’re essentially set for success. So make your dorm room or apartment your shelter, a place you always want to come back to when you need a rest from all the fuss around you.

Sooner than later, you will understand that all of these seemingly unattractive features of a big city life actually what give it its charm. Just imagine: eventually, all those strangers yelling on the streets in the middle of the night will become an essential part of your life, and all the hilarious stories you’ll hear from cab drivers will be some of your favorite memories.

Overwhelming Opportunities

The variety of things you can try in a big city can sometimes offer you so many opportunities that you might feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. And it’s completely normal – it’s very hard to choose what you’d like the most when you have millions of exciting options. Once you look through all the possibilities, you will come to understand that there are hundreds of activities you want to do, but not enough time for all of them. Urban life is a constant hustle, so get used to always be busy or in a hurry. It’s important though to think about your future life as well. If you see yourself as a part of this city even after graduation, try to look through the career options big companies offer for students – part-time job positions or internship programs. If you show yourself right, you might be offered a full-time position!

You May Feel Isolated

Alone in a Dorm

Sometimes, you can feel lonely and isolated even if you live in a huge city and surrounded by millions of other people. College is a strange and transitional period in very person’s life, and it’s so easy to get lost in a really lonely and choky routine. Try to take advantage of this fantastic period of your life instead – take all the benefits your city can offer you!  Being a student in a big city means meeting lots of interesting people with fantastic live experiences and situations, so don’t sit at home, go out, visit your friends, explore all the amazing places around you, and try new things you always wanted to try! Enjoy and take the most from your urban life!

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