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How to Pass the Exam?

Exam Pass

To pass the exam successfully, calmly and with minimum of stress, it is better to do the following:

Exam: Minimum Knowledge Required

Have a minimal amount of knowledge about the subject, so you could tell or write at least something. It is better to know one answer of two, this might save your mark. If you don’t know any answer, all that is left is to hypnotize the lecturer, but you aren’t Wolf Messing, and fortunately (or not) you don’t have his abilities. That is why you need to get knowledge instead of practicing hypnosis techniques.

Try to separate your mind from fear, anxiety and tension caused by the coming test. Relax your body, gather together all your mental energy, don’t follow your panic and don’t even think about failure: such thoughts might kill even the best knowledge you have.

After this, try to imagine the view of your exam, learn to live it through in every detail, and tune yourself onto a positive result. At the same time, keep in mind the fact, that the situation is difficult, but try to believe everything will be fine. Try to overcome a fear of your possible failure. This is better to be done not directly before your conversation with a lecturer: give yourself some time. The World is quite solid, it won’t turn upside down after you don’t pass an exam that time. There will be a lot of possible attempts in future.

If you believe in any High Powers, pray for a couple minutes: ask them to give you enough calmness and luck to pass your test. This might help, as your Powers are always on your side.

You could ask them to help you receive a ticket with questions you know how to answer. This might be strange and funny, but it often works: students actually receive the tickets they know after.

Exam: Relax and Write

Once you got your exam ticket and before you start to prepare your answers, close your eyes, try to get rid of any unnecessary tension & worrying. You could, for instance, imagine a relaxational energy flow coming down on you and taking all your worries into the ground.

Before starting to write your answers, say to yourself: “I know everything!” This might seem not that effective, but it could help you believe in your knowledge one additional time. This really can be serious.

If you forget something while writing, don’t panic & don’t fall into despair. Think about short theses you know about this topic for a few moments & remember: this difficult info can come to your mind some time later. Write any key point about that forgotten fact if you won’t get it even with time. This will help the lecturer understand you actually know something about the right answer.

Be ready to start writing about the topics which you are familiar with right after that. At the same time, if you know that the lecturer likes “digging” deep into details – try to avoid using such “camouflage” phrases, as this might not play good on you.

Till your preparation ends, spend at least a minute trying to find out how the lecturer asks someone else. Try to compare your knowledge to what they expect to get from the students. And then present your answers in the fitting form.

Exam: Stress is Normal

Exam Stress

Think out your cool first phrase or a couple of them, and pronounce them with a really self-confident voice. The first impression you make on a lecturer (if talking about both oral & written exam) is the decisive one.

Exams at school and high school are connected with a serious stress, but you shouldn’t overestimate its scale & meaning. The whole your life is a one single exam. And you have to constantly pass this exam in order to prove your competence, professional & personal status. Sometimes life situations get a lot more serious, and there are a lot more things depending on how you decide to act then. So, relax and get satisfied with an informational flow coming through you at any moment of time. You are well prepared, and you are actually able to pass any exam successfully.

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