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Generations Apart: How to Solve the Issue?

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Unfortunately, not everybody can boast of strong family bonds. Humanity has succeeded in creating some incredible inventions and technology, but harmonic relationship is still a very difficult thing to develop. It seems that even though life has become more comfortable, all those striking changes have forced apart the older and the younger generations.

Most of the time grandparents and grandchildren even do not know each other well enough. Should we take it as something normal in the modern world or try to change it for the better? This is what we are going to talk about.

Why Does It Happen?

Nowadays, the chances of grandkids and grandparents to have intimate relationships are diminishing fast. There are many reasons for this distance between generations. Geography comes first.

Sometimes even close family members find it complicated to get together living in the opposite corners of one city. Parents often spend their precious weekends cleaning, shopping, and decorating houses, so they hardly have time to take their kids and visit dear grannies or grandpas.

When they live in different cities, in different countries or on different continents, it is so much more problematic. The lack of time, money or serious health problems are the main obstacles that do not allow people to see each other for years.

Another bitter reason for this distance is family divorce. It may happen that when losing contact with their grandchildren, grandparents go through a painful process which may lead to emotional or physical illness.

Grandparents' Role in Kids Upbringing

Many teens consider communication with their grandparents as something they have to do, but do not want indeed, and here they are wrong. Psychotherapists state that good relationships with a grandparent can be very life transforming. They offer more than just cheap nannying, treats and extra quality time.

Conscientious grandparents help us build psychological and mental security by making their grandkids feel a part of a stable and supportive family network. They also provide them with their own place in history and give their lives a meaningful sense of perspective. Rarely we think of such things seriously and when it comes to us, it is usually too late.

Old Couple Skateboarding

What Should We Do?

First of all, kids do not have to consider the older generation as people who are just old-fashioned and that is all. They are ready to try playing video games, to give an ear when their boys and girls need, to do everything possible because of their unconditional love.

Of course, not only children but also parents should make everything to bring all family members together. A piece of advice to everyone reading this: find some time to put aside all daily routine and have fun with your nearest and dearest! Throw warm family parties, go on picnics, and share your life stories. In rough times of your life, these moments of calm happiness may appear to be very precious, motivating you to move on.

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