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Human Resources: Essay Prompts and Writing Hints

Essay Prompt

Human resources management is a subject involving a number of facets such as psychology, cultural studies, sociology, management itself, leadership studies etc. Therefore, once you need to write a paper on this topic you will have to be well-acknowledged in all these fields. A combination of numerous aspects is not always easy especially if you have a number of other disciplines to study. To make this writing task easier for you, we have prepared a set of essay prompts for your HRM course.

Resume: How to pick a perfect candidate?

One of the topics that you might write about is a resume. There are a number of ways how you can elaborate this subject. For instance, you can compe up with your own guide on the resume completion or explain the difference of the resume and CV. If you want to write about the resume analysis you will definitely need to outline the steps of the recruiting process as reading CVs or resumes is one of them. Also, the significant factors and their role should be explained. For example, you will need to explicate what kind of photo should be used for resume and how a person can be judged or should not be judged upon the photo. Such points as structure, education, or skills need a special attention as well.

Interview as a special tool of a recruiting process

Job Interview

An interview is certainly a topic that is worth writing about. Here are some of the facets to consider:

  • The rules of behavior during the interview;
  • Dress-code: should it still be considered?
  • Types of interview: how to check the competence of the candidate;
  • What the mimics, moves and poses can tell about the applicant;
  • Dangerous questions to ask during the interview: which ones should be omitted.

Apart from explicating various aspects of holding an interview, you can write a story of your successful or not successful interview with the analysis of your strong sides and mistakes that were made.

Employees' motivation and retention

One of the vital tasks in human resources management is the worker's retention. The process of retention entails motivating of employees so they remain happy with their working conditions and are eager to proceed with their everyday assignments. In fact, motivation is what helps the company to keep the employees within it and not to lose valuable specialists. There are various ways to retain the workers within an organization, which you can write about in your paper. For instance, one of the effective motivations is career growth. It works for the employees that are ambitious and are willing to achieve new heights in the company. There is also an option of personal development: the workers can be motivated when they are given an opportunity to take part in different trainings, clubs and courses that are not always connected with work. One more crucial factor is financial motivation: it is effective when a person is looking for better material conditions at work.

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