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10 Recommendations to Become Happy

Happy Life Advice

The list of recommendations below is to help you feel a lot more happiness. Try following our tips and your life is going to become easier!

  1. 1. Get Out of Your Bed as You Planned

    If you set up an alarm on 6:30 AM of Saturday, get up once you hear the bell. Why is this so important? Because this is your first promise to keep that day.

    You set up that time on your alarm clock last night because you listened to yourself. Starting your morning from a broken promise totally doesn’t mean to have a good mood during the day. Keep promises. If you’ll feel the need, you may always sleep during the day.

  2. 2. Organize Your Morning

    Your common morning actions will help you get back online and stand up to study (or job). Shower. Teeth washing. Hairdressing.

    And, what’s more important, clothes which fit. Remember your clothes to take part in creating your daily mood.

    Your morning routine means actions which tune up your mood on the whole day. And how that day will pass in some ways depends on how you dress up your hair.

  3. 3. “Pure Mind” Moments

    Meditate. This is the best what you can do after taking the morning shower, when you are more or less awake. Find 5-10 minutes to sit still in silence.

    Just listen to yourself. This will help you understand how your day starts: are you disappointed, something bothers you, or something great and wonderful happens?

    Devoting 5 minutes to meditation you’ll understand how you feel at the moment, and how it is needed to plan your day so it was the most effective. That has a great importance.

  4. 4. Eat Regularly

    Happy Life Regular Eating

    Eat at the same time every day. It is better to have meals cooked previously. Such organization will help you not to miss your dinners and not to forget about food during the day.

    Try developing a habit. If you eat normally cooked healthy food regularly, you’ll be more likely to preserve your health. Even with the truly extreme schedule.

  5. 5. Spend Short Breaks Usefully

    Everyone has short periods of free time during the day. People often check social media, watch YouTube videos and do other useless things at that time. Gather all the smartphone applications of that kind into one category and call it “Wasting My Life”.

    Place useful apps on your desktop instead: vocabularies to study foreign languages, book readers and so on. While using your short breaks on something useful and refusing to gather unnecessary and unfiltered information you develop a habit of studying.

  6. 6. Free Time Means Free Time

    This tip is not only for workaholics and businessmen, but for “nerds”, too. These people often forget that “free time” doesn’t mean “studying more materials” or “working on new projects”. This is a time which shouldn’t be spent on working or studying.

    Go have a walk in a park, meet your old friend at the cafe, play tabletop games with friends or family, call your grandma, watch an interesting movie and DON’T interrupt the process due to feeling unproductive.

    The habit to know your free time as the necessary part of your everyday schedule will help you reload your mind and get back to work or studying, being fresh and full of enthusiasm.

  7. 7. Control Your Budget

    Finances are the reason of lots of stresses and fears. But this is not money that causes your stress, it’s financial chaos and misunderstanding of how to control it.

    Teach yourself to work with your money. It is you in charge. If you aren’t going to leave for forest and to bring yourself something to eat with hunting and gathering, money is a part of your life till your last day, an important part!

    That is why you better find some time to get basic knowledge about taxes, investments, savings and credits. And analyze your finances once in a week, a decade or a month in order to notice how your money is being spent.

  8. 8. Meet New People

    Talking to new people inspires like nothing else. Maybe there is someone who reads your blog regularly. Then, write an e-mail to them. Maybe there is a local businessman you’d like to learn something from. Invite them for coffee.

    The wider is your environment, the more meaningful you become because of your connections, and the more inspiration you get for your personal development.

    Additionally, this helps you to look at something from the other side when you feel exhausted or moving the wrong way. You meet up with someone new, understand you’re not alone, you move to your goal. It just needs some time.

  9. 9. Give Yourself Pleasure

    Happy Life Pleasure

    Satisfaction is a part of life. Yes, discipline means a lot, but sometimes it happens that you need to release yourself in order to get back into the flow.

    Leave your comfort zone and relax a bit. And find out something new at the same time.

    Call someone to meet with you. Go to a cafй on the other side of your town. Eat as many cheesecakes as you want, visit a new museum, go to the local pond and sit up on the pier with your legs in the water.

    It is easy to miss such moments, especially if you are used to put goals and to reach them ASAP. But these moments are ones you remember the most, they make you happier, and feel your life deeper.

  10. 10. Make Notes in Your Diary Before Going to Sleep

    Let writing a few lines into a diary become your daily habit. You can write about a gained experience or your plans, you can write down some poems or songs. You can mention about something that bothers you and about the way to overcome that. It doesn’t matter what you write, the point is to do that.

    Can you remind yourself about what happened on Wednesday last week? And what about something two months ago? Days become one single line, humans remember only the brightest moments. Having a habit of providing your own diary will help you save your pleasant details, interesting thoughts, quotes from films or books you liked…

    While reading your diary, you see the way you thought in the past, your previous goals and wishes are there. Comparing that to what you’ve got now helps making a lot of valuable conclusions.

Bonus: Sleep Well

The habit of sleeping 8 hours a night has a definitive meaning for your performance. That is why you better don’t replace it with a midnight social media activity or playing some online games.

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