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Dreams to Reality: 9 Steps

Dreaming Person

You have surely heard about that widespread opinion: in order to achieve life goals, one should dream more and visualize daring wishes in details. Isn’t it enough? Here are 9 steps to achieve your strategical goals.

  • 1. Dream

    In addition to the well-known advice about dreaming more and more precisely, try setting important life goals which will obligatory make you and your close people happier. For instance, if you want to have good earnings, try dreaming about a job or business you’d like. Don’t dream about many different things at once, choose one goal which is the most ambitious and get closer to it.

  • 2. Think

    When a dream is determined and you have clear vision of what happens when it becomes true, start thinking how to implement it in details. Consider your available resources and ways to overcome the most reasonable difficulties. Try to think out the step-by-step plan for you to reach your dream. As soon as you understand you’ve found the way but can’t keep all thoughts appearing in your mind, go to the next step.

  • 3. Draw

    Simple thoughts are not enough, you need to catch them someway. The best way is to write them down on a paper or computer. There is a well-known way to remember and understand new info: mental cards. Try them out. Try drawing more, not writing. This will help you see the map of your way to the dream better.

  • 4. Start

    If you’ve got a good vision of your dream realization roadmap, then start with courage. If you are the type of person who feels difficult to make a first step, then look some motivational lessons and (or) time-management training courses. The point is, don’t be afraid and try to make yourself start. You won’t want to stop later.

  • 5. Move Forward

    Many people start doing something with enthusiasm, and then lose their mood few days later. In order for this not to happen, learn two skills: how to get satisfaction from your job process, and how to adapt yourself according to external changes.

  • 6. Don’t Give Up

    It is possible to meet difficulties in any kind of activity. In order to overcome them effectively, try getting rid of negative emotions and think with your cold mind, refuse what doesn’t work instead of blaming someone or something for your failures. Take a look on your way from the height, this will help you to skip small obstacles.

  • 7. Look into Future

    If you sometimes want to refuse getting tasks done, remind yourself about your starting goals and actions. And try looking forward, where your desired dream is.

  • 8. Estimate Your Results

    Dream Achievement

    Here you feel that you’ve reached the point. Maybe, your head is going to explode because of success. Try to calm down and to take a look onto your way once more. Which mistakes were made and what was made well? What conclusions can you get from that? Answer these questions and you will reach your next dream faster and more effectively.

  • 9. Dream More

    Turn your life into a queue of dreams and achievements. Then you won’t stand on one place for long, you’ll be able to develop yourself, to get satisfied you’re your life, to be full of energy and happiness.

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