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Generations Apart: How to Solve the Issue?

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Unfortunately, not everybody can boast of strong family bonds. Humanity has succeeded in creating some incredible inventions and technology, but harmonic relationship is still a very difficult thing to develop. It seems that even though life has become more comfortable, all those striking changes have forced apart the older and the younger generations.

Becoming a Good Writer

To Be a Good Writer

Ask people around: what’s needed for a person to be a writer? The most part of them will answer: a talent for literature. But what is that talent? Is that about inborn abilities? Well, in some ways, yes. But just like the perfect ear for music doesn’t make a person the great musician, natural talent for literature won’t make an author the real Master.

Essay: What Is Racism?

Racism Essay Topic Ideas

What is racism? As any standard dictionary can say, it is a prejudiced discrimination headed against people who’ve got other than racists themselves skin color, and (or) other religious beliefs. It’s a pity, but various racism forms can be noticed at almost any place. Nicknames, humiliating both children at schools and grown-ups at work. Verbal abuse, bullying, exclusion… Them all happen, for example, in high schools, where everyone – from the youngest pupil to the most respectful teacher – meets the negative consequences of racists’ doings and racism itself.