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Essay on Weapons: Questions and Arguments


Though essay on weapons might seem a topic requiring special knowledges from a writer, it can be interesting even for pure pacifists who never thought of weapon as an interest or hobby. There is a big variety of subtopics to write about. The article below describes only some of possible variations.

War Essay Writing

War Machine

“War never changes” – a famous phrase from a popular videogame can be a good tagline for the whole topic. What can be written about the most violent happening in human history? Well, walking aside from the philosophy of Good and Evil (which itself is the first subtopic to think about), there are numerous questions, statements and discussion themes. Each one could become an essay writing topic. Some of them are shown below. See the list of descriptions if you don’t really know what to write about.

Students' Premier Internship Practice and Ways to Make It Work


You have finally landed an internship position at the company you’ve dreamed about working at. Our congratulations! Now is time to think about what to make sure you’re offered a full-time position after you finish your internship. Getting ahead doesn’t have to be a challenge for you, but, nevertheless, it requires a lot of efforts and patience. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be climbing that career ladder of yours in no time!