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Becoming a Student in a Big City and Things You Should Know About It

Student in New York

No doubts, going to college in a big city will have a giant impact on your future lifestyle. Urban schools have much more things to offer than those in small towns – from the food choices to the activities beyond campus. But you should understand that this kind of lifestyle and environment isn’t for everyone, so you might want to read few interesting tips about life in a big city.

Teachers Do Impossible: 10 Proofs

Teachers in Classroom

It is a well-known fact that teacher is one of the most difficult professions. The teacher should possess definite traits of character such as patience, endurance, and responsiveness just to mention a few. Unfortunately, many of us often forget how hard this labor is.

10 the Most-Spread Myths About Teachers: Be Ready

Teachers near Blackboard

A school is a place where you spend most of your time attending classes, breaks, and clubs. It is a place full of hard work as well as endless fun. Besides writing original essays or doing the math, your school life entails a lot of different emotions. Of course, you must gossip about a new dress of a classmate and share lies about the teacher. But be careful! Don’t think that you are the cleverest and nobody can compare to you, especially teachers. You may think that your teacher is a dinosaur who doesn’t understand anything in modern life. So stop doing such mistake and take into consideration the most common misconceptions about teachers.

Should You Snag a Startup Job While Still Being a Student?

Founding a Company

Finding a job is always a challenge for any student; people say you should search for opportunities in big companies and corporations so to find a path to the professional growth. While it may surely be a truth, nowadays, there are plenty of other options for students to achieve a successful career. Here are some reasons why working for a company that’s just starting out its business could be the ideal opportunity for you.

Essay About GMO: About Nature of an Issue in Brief


Scientific progress makes humanity's existence on the Earth more comfortable and easy. It also may help us in solving some global problems. Biology, namely genetics, is not an exception. In order to make some plant or animal stronger, more resistant and fructiferous (or shorter - to improve some separate features) scientists found out the way of integrating alien genes into it. The main idea is: if, for example, rye needs a lot of sun during its growth, but a climate of some country can't provide it with sunlight enough, then why don't we just take a gene responsible for "love to the sunbeams" from something like a moss and replace the gene in the rye with it? A simple corn or potatoes may contain even fish genes due to genetic modification, only if it will be helpful, of course.