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Students' Premier Internship Practice and Ways to Make It Work


You have finally landed an internship position at the company you’ve dreamed about working at. Our congratulations! Now is time to think about what to make sure you’re offered a full-time position after you finish your internship. Getting ahead doesn’t have to be a challenge for you, but, nevertheless, it requires a lot of efforts and patience. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be climbing that career ladder of yours in no time!


One good tip is volunteering to participate in different projects, even if they are not directly connected to your responsibilities. Just because something isn’t related to your job position doesn’t mean you can’t offer any ideas. So get rid of your insecurity, ask your boss or supervisor and offer your assistance with different projects. They will surely notice your enthusiasm and willingness to help out and appreciate any fresh and interesting ideas you can bring to the table. No, we don’t tell you to overload yourself with lots of things that are unrelated to your duties; even the tiniest contribution can sometimes play a significant role.

Review Your Work

Even though it’s obvious, a lot of people forget about this important thing. In college our professors constantly reminded us to proofread our papers before submitting them; the same applies to any workplace. Never hand in any assignment or project or even an email to the supervisor before reviewing and revising it beforehand. Just remember that even the smallest mistake can make you look silly in your boss’ eyes.

Be Gentle and Polite

One tip you should always have in mind: never undervalue the power of politeness! A very common mistake a lot of people do is thinking their job is an awful place full of short deadline, silly and endless to-do lists, and grumpy coworkers. It doesn’t have to be this way! Your positive stance can surely benefit you in the further life! Always try to be smiling and cheerful, say your hellos and goodbyes to everybody, mingle and communicate with other employees. Work can surely be a stressful place, but it’s crucial to be the person other people like and respect. Who knows... maybe your positive attitude will be a key to your next promotion!

Be a Leader

Never get away from leadership opportunities. Even if you see yourself as a shy person, a leader is something you should always endeavor to be. When other people see yourself as one, it’s a fantastic thing that can move you up the career ladder. If somebody asks you to take on a leader role, even if it’s something as simple as organizing an event or meeting, don’t refuse. Your supervisor will see that you are responsible, dedicated, attentive to details, and have a natural ability to guide other people.

Be Passionate About What You Do

One old saying states that when you do something you love, you won’t work a day in your life. It’s a fair truth even nowadays. Being passionate about what you do really helps make your job easier and pleasant for you as you don’t see it as a duty or a chore. Even if you understand it’s not the job of your dreams, try to always find something about your current position that you like, and concentrate all your attention on it. If you show your interest and passion for your job and company, your employer will surely notice it. They will remember and value you and your attitude as most of the employers look for individuals who are capable of creating a positive work atmosphere in the company.

Create Connections

Coworkers at Lunch

Your aim should be to become friends with as many different individuals at your office as you can, especially your supervisors. Even if you decide to leave this company after your internship is over, all those people you’re working with can remain a part of your network. You can never know when your ways may cross again or when you’ll need a good reference. So try to connect with your colleagues and learn more about each of them. Just always remember to remain professional! Sure, you want to make an impression on people you work with, but that impression has to be a good one if your aim is landing a full-time position. So you may hang out with your coworkers, become friends, share meals, have shared nights out, etc. but make sure to keep yourself away from all the gossip or drama.


You are a newcomer and have lots of things to learn before you can count yourself as a part of the team. So take the most from your internship – listen, observe, ask a lot of questions, learn from yours and your coworkers’ mistakes. Think of this internship as the most important class you’ve ever had and your first and huge step towards your fantastic future career!

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