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Procrastinate with the Result

Resultative Procrastination

Billion reasons for not doing an important job… Everyone could find them at least once in a life. If so, it’s much better to delay things usefully.

What is in control for procrastination? There is a special emotional system in humans, which is always daring to an unconscious satisfaction. It doesn’t care you’ve got a deadline, or your payment especially depends on this job. It wants likes & kitten pictures.

Any thoughts and actions that appear are percept by this system as obstacles on the way to pleasures and satisfaction. It sends unconscious impulses into your brain to make you digress from important things.

Thousands of articles and books teach procrastinators how to stop delaying things and to fight this bad habit at all. It’s cool if someone does that successfully. We offer the others to stop wasting time in an unequal fight with own subconscious feelings, and to start getting benefits from their own brain’s structure.

Have Fun with Benefits

When delaying important things, one rarely sits still. Mind wants pleasures.

Probably, you’d find something funny in your daily or monthly “to-do-list”: making a pictured wish-board, writing a cool masterpiece essay, or buying some warm things on winter. That’s much more useful than turning the Facebook newsletter down, isn’t it?

Deal with Other Things

If you’re unable to concentrate on something, it often means you need a rest. And the best way to rest is to change the kind of activity!

Step away from your studying book or reading the materials online. Water your home plants and flowers, sort different papers and documents into appropriate folders, check the wardrobe, cook yourself a tasty dish for dinner, or even wash the windows of your apartment. There are numerous ways!

People who practice such things, often say that if to change an activity, it is easier to learn new material later. Students feel they’ve got more of a free space in their heads. And once they come back to studying, it is a lot easier to prepare themselves even for the most important exam.

Find a Part-Time Job

Make your procrastination to bring you money! Students who practice freelancing except of studying often mark they come to the freelance tasks being especially inspired. It is exceptionally noticeable when you don’t want to study at all, they say.

Once you don’t have energy to go for freelancing, come back to studying.

BUT! Both studying and freelancing should have something in common with activities which are pleasant for you. You can’t cheat on yourself!

Make Your “To-do-list” for Future

Create a separate document to note tasks for when you want to delay your main things. You can actually create and expand this list in one of such moments, too.

Make a home cleaning, pay bills, wash clothes, call parents, write a book chapter: there are numerous things you want to do but forget about them. The periods of your study breaks can be enough to deal with everything without a need to devote an additional time.

Check The Responsibility Level

What if you come to your studying (or any other task) too seriously? Don’t be too lazy, find five minutes to check what exactly takes your satisfaction away.

Will anything change in general if you refuse reading a part of material?

Maybe it’s enough to get rid of something unnecessary or to delay an unpleasant task a little to finish everything in a couple of hours.

Think if You Need It At All

Procrastinate Beneficially

One can read huge volumes about getting out of procrastination, and then try to get benefits of it while being inspired by this article. Yet if the time passes by, and you can’t finish your task, think if you need to finish it. If you don’t see “pluses” in your studying, job, or anything, then you probably do something wrong.

It is worth to spend some time and to analyze yourself. Be honest with your own mind, and say what exactly makes you procrastinate: you’re scared, it’s not interesting, you protest against someone’s suppression, you want to find some time for yourself, or you’ve simply got tired of reading. Once the answer is known, it will be much easier both to complete your task and to have a rest. The point is to listen to yourself carefully, not to ignore your wishes and needs.

Find your own ways to focus on your tasks. Or review your life goals and wishes. It’s never too late to do that. Get pleasure from everything: your studying, job, and procrastination.

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