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Essay: What Is Racism?

Racism Essay Topic Ideas

What is racism? As any standard dictionary can say, it is a prejudiced discrimination headed against people who’ve got other than racists themselves skin color, and (or) other religious beliefs. It’s a pity, but various racism forms can be noticed at almost any place. Nicknames, humiliating both children at schools and grown-ups at work. Verbal abuse, bullying, exclusion… Them all happen, for example, in high schools, where everyone – from the youngest pupil to the most respectful teacher – meets the negative consequences of racists’ doings and racism itself.

Students, who belong to different races, find making friends with their peers of another skin color extremely hard, which means that various forms of racial segregation still exist in modern society. This makes sociability compromised, and doesn’t show social growth to happen within different community groups.

Essay on Racism Composing

Racism and its manifestations sometimes even make students refuse their cultural and family traditions, beliefs and moral values. That is one more reason why this cruel happening is to be deleted from the face of our planet. Young people, feeling humiliated because of their cultural and racial belonging, start making themselves keep up to any dominating culture, behavior and religion just in order to avoid any prejudice and insults that hurt their dignity in both public and private life.

An identity confusion is what happens next. Young people deny their native culture, but they still don’t belong to the mainstream social beliefs, just because they are “others”. As a result, they don’t know who they actually are and what culture and values they can actually call as their own. This is a serious issue, literally destroying people’s lives in perspective.

Pupils and students often drop out of schools and universities because of racism as well. Feeling discriminated, such young people just hate their schools, and prefer staying as far away from these places as possible. They just don’t want to meet the racists who humiliate them, and as a result – fall out of studying process completely.

And this can actually break many lives. When thrown away with no education, youth often gets destroyed by tough adult reality, or join criminal groups just to find some ways to make their own living. This happening just can’t be a mark of any healthy and rightly developed society.

Do racism and racists influence teachers at schools and universities somehow? No doubt. There can even be their colleagues or students teasing them because of their race. This leads to the fact such teachers just lose their professional confidence and takes away any will to teach their pupils. Their academic performance gets seriously denied as they start and progress feeling depressed. Teachers’ depression inflicts the whole system of education, cause racism happening is not a single accident we can meet rarely sometime. Moreover, it tends to be the common and continuous trouble of society.

Racism Essay Writing

Arguments on Racism

Not so many people nowadays know that there were theories trying to point at some positive effects racism can cause onto its victims. Are you impressed? Well, no wonder. People supporting those theories tell original and unexpected view onto the problem in order to prove their opinion.

According to their point of view, racism experience can make a person stronger than they used to be before having such experience. Because when facing racism people get higher level of resistance and strength against it and other life problems in general. It is said, that racism could help people achieve much more goals in order to respond to humiliations and discrimination happenings.

Still, this mind is an error. Racism was already proven to be the reason of lowering self-esteem and confidence of people experiencing racist deeds. Person who has been under racist’s pressure for a long time turn into unhappy, weak and hateful one. Nobody can become stronger due to experiencing the constant pressure of racism.

So, the problem of racism is one of the most serious and critical social threats. We all just can’t treat it as something inessential, as the World’s history already showed us what happens when racism is left alone to dominate any particular country or certain part of society.

In our times, racism already became one of threats lowering not only the academic performance of both teachers and students, but also causing a serious deny in their physical and mental health levels. And that is what causes to society being compromised and stagnated in its development. Potentially smart, educated students and experienced teachers can’t bring their knowledges and talents to reality because of racism. That is why taking serious measures against racism in schools and universities is a must to stop this nasty social illness from happening in future.

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