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Reading Effectiveness: How to Read More

A Book Addict

Every time you want to get a new book you remember about the piles at home that you haven"t read yet? Having problems finishing the book to the end? Maybe the following pieces of advice from a copywriter at Mashable Studios Scott Musca will prove to be handy for you.

  1. 1.Keep track of how much you read a day

    When you are preparing to run a marathon, you are keeping track of how many kilometres you"ve run and how much time it took you. If you want to read more you may find this very method helpful. There are apps and web-sites that can keep track of your reading for you, Goodreads, for example. Here you can mark where you left off and track how much and when you"ve been reading. Such services also allow you to mark the books that you want to read. There is also a feature of sharing your progress to Facebook. It"s ok to brag about your reading. Marathon runners brag about their progress too.

  2. 2.Read only the books that you enjoy reading

    Life is too short to spend time on something dull. If you don"t find a book interesting and the reading of it doesn"t bring you pleasure, then don"t feel ashamed to leave it. You stop watching TV series if you don"t like the first episode, right? At the same time don"t put away the book if the others call it lame or dull. Tastes differ.

  3. 3.Read whenever and wherever you can

    During the day there are a lot of opportunities to devote some minutes to reading. For instance, during a lunch break. In fact, you may spend more time standing in line than eating. So why not to spend that boring time in queue on broadening your outlook?

  4. 4.Read while doing sports

    You may read while doing cycling at the gym or working out on other similar equipment. But if you prefer jogging or walking, an audiobook is your great companion. Besides, reading should distract you from the nagging thoughts of how athletic everyone else is.

    Cycling and Reading
  5. 5.Read before going to bed

    It"s an excellent way to relax, become sleepy and finish your day. It"s much more effective in making you dreamy than TV or social networks. Unless you are reading Stephen King.

  6. 6.Make friends with a bookworm

    People who can"t imagine their life without reading eagerly recommend what they have already read to the others. They are always ready to share a book with you. If the book really fascinates you, you"ll also eagerly share your thoughts about it. Your bookworm friends would ask you if you"ve finished reading the book and would want to discuss it with you. The effect is the same as that of a personal coach in the gym: you get stimulated and ‘pushed" up to ‘mental sweating".

  7. 7.Don"t read more than one book at a time

    Multitasking is helpful in life, but not in reading. It depletes you of the perception of the book and you can"t engulf into the plot of the story.

  8. 8.Find or arrange a quiet place

    If you can go to the library or have some quiet alone time for reading in your room – great. But there are cases when you don"t have such an opportunity. Then you have to arrange a conducive atmosphere. If you want to read on the subway, in the cafe or in any other crowded noisy place use your headphones and turn on the sound of white noise, rain or ocean waves. It will help to escape from the world around you and engulf into the world in the book.

  9. 9.Combine reading with something pleasant

    Reading and drinking a cup of tea or coffee makes a wonderful rest. Some people like drinking wine alongside with reading. But be careful with the dose.

  10. 10.And last, but not least: never go out without a book.

    It"s hard to read if you don"t have a book by yourself. And it doesn"t matter if it"s paper or electronic.

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