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Strategies for Developing Reading Skills

Person Reading

There can be no successful studying without a necessity of reading a lot. However, most people do it slowly and ineffectively. As a result, it is quite hard for them to achieve any progress at work or college. This problem has a solution; you just need to pay some attention for reading attainments development. There are several helpful tips and hints in the clause.

Pre-Reading Activities

Be aware of the major topic of reading, it shouldn’t be completely new for you if you want to make it really effective. In case you have some needed attainments you can read the stuff fast with low amount of efforts. Look at the title and analyze it. On which theme you suppose will be the text pursuant to the title?

Analyze the Structure

Look at the headlines of chapters and total composition of the document. Divide it into the parts and make a habit to read one every day. Be mindful to the key words, thanks to it you will be able to predict about what sort of things you are going to read.

Dictionary Work

You have to work with dictionary at all stages of reading. Write down unheard or peculiar words and collate them with vocabulary. Try to memorize some of them as it might be useful for future writing.

Make a Plan

Create an outline for your reading to make it more productive. Choose an amount of pages you have to read every day and follow it strictly. Write out the major theses and statements; develop a short prescription to each paragraph.

Person Making Notes

Quick Review

Make a fast skimming of the text before starting to read. It will give you a global view of kind of materials. If it is scientific work, for instance, keep on hand some notes about this subject to avoid difficulties.


Many researches prove that visualizing makes reading more resultative. Thanks to images in your mind you can easily remind the things you have read. It is very useful for people who have great visual memory.

Special Questions

Make some support questions which will assist you in revising material after you finish reading. It will assist you while retelling a text. You can relate them with chapters’ headings as well. It is even better when writing down main items as questions cause you to deem about items you have read and recall it in mind.

Read Loudly

It can be useful if you cannot concentrate on what you read. Just try to do it loudly and articulate every unusual word clearly. You can train while reading for somebody as well. Your oral performances will give you an ability to memorize more material from the texts.


After you finished reading anything, attempt to recall the main points. Hereupon you have to retell a text, using your support questions and other notes. It will be better if you invite one of your friends to listen to you.

Summing up, it is vital to mention that know-how matters a lot. The upward you train the upward efficient you reading attainments will become. So take into consideration these tips and you will be quick to grasp any ideas and statements.

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