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Relationships with Parents: 11 Taboos

Parents with Teenagers

Relationship with parents is a significant part of every human’s life. They are the most significant people because they gave life to us. Parents always want the best for you and try to give everything necessary.

But sometimes, we have misunderstandings with them. Especially, if you have very strict parents. Anyway, we all have parents and we all have to deal with them. And in order to facilitate this communication, we have compiled for you a few things that you should never do while communicating with your parents.

Lie to Them

They'll find out the truth. We do not know how they do it, but the fact remains. Sometimes it seems that they do not know anything, but then it turns out that they just wanted you to think they are not informed about past events. For instance, you have got a bad mark at school because you haven’t done your homework. You may think that if you don’t tell your parents, they won’t find out. But you are wrong. The truth always comes out to the outside. Moreover, you cannot be sure that your good friends won’t tell them about the happened. On this point, you can rely only on truth.

Disrespect Them

Just do not do it. Really. This is the worst thing you can think of. Your parents love you so much so that they don’t deserve to be treated in such manner. Just respect them, and they will respond to you in return.

Tell That You Hate Them

You DO NOT hate them. Perhaps, they are repugnant to you at this moment because they have not permitted to travel abroad with friends or just haven’t bought the iPhone. It sounds clumsy, isn’t it? You behave like a spoiled brat who doesn’t care about relatives. Your parents wish you the best, but sometimes they can’t give it to you. Telling that you hate them is the worst thing you can ever do. In this regard, be careful. A word spoken is past recalling. You cannot change the past, but you can influence the future.

Think That They Do Not Know How to Be a Teenager

They know! Instead of thinking that they are too old to understand you, just share with them your experiences. Don’t you think that they were born as adults? Your parents were teenagers just like you and they could realize the catastrophe of your existence. You might be shocked, but your parents had the same problems. Mom, I want those jeans! I hate school! Oh my Gosh... he fell in love with Anny! These are just a few examples of eternal teenager problems. And as they have survived things that you are suffering from now. So you can rely on their experience and talk to your parents. 

Ignore Them

Slighting your parents in silence is not the best way to warm friendships. Just put yourself in their place. If your friend doesn't talk to you without reason how will you feel? Exactly. And now imagine that you are not a friend to your parents. You are their child. Think about it.

Be Afraid to Talk to Them

Especially about serious things. Maybe, they think you're a little mean because you are silent. And they do not realize which thoughts are swarming in your head. On this matter, try to talk to your parents about more serious problems, for instance, relationship with a boyfriend.

Be Afraid to Ask Them for Help

Your parents are the best choice when it comes to aid. They are the first people to whom you should appeal because they will do anything to help you. Even if you got into an unpleasant situation. For instance, don’t hesitate to ask parents to take you from a party where you have drunk too much. Of course, they will punish you. But nevertheless, you will be safe at home. So do not be afraid to ask them about it.

Talk to Them as Friends

Parents are your friends. But do not go over the brink. They are still your parents. Respect is a key basis of your relationship with them.

Set Them Against Each Other

Parents Are Quarreling

How? Well, for example, ask mother about something that father hasn’t allowed you to do. As a result, they may quarrel. By the way, you still won’t achieve the desirable. The spoiled mood of parents won’t help you in your affairs. Therefore, it will have only a negative impact on your interaction with parents.

Put Them in a Foolish Situation

Do not do things because of which your parents may suffer. Yes, do not break the shop window in a nearby grocery and steal the blouse. It will only show your bad manners and rudeness. So who will suffer more?...

Do Not Tell That Love Them

Someday you will regret that you have never said that.

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