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Special Diet for Students Including Tasty, Fast & Cheap Dishes

Student’s Diet

What to cook and to eat when the rhythm of college life is enormously fast? How not to stay hungry when your funds are low? It is not that hard, see some cheap and easy-to-cook dishes. Don’t worry, their price doesn’t mean they are not tasty.

Fried Potatoes


  • 5 or more potatoes;
  • sunflower oil;
  • salt/pepper.
Fried Potato


Clean potatoes, cut them into quite thin and small pieces. Heat a pan, then spill an oil over its bottom. Throw cut potatoes into a hot oil, add salt and pepper. Fry on a moderate heat for nearly 15 mins, mixing potatoes periodically. Add more oil if needed. If that is your wish – add some eggs when potatoes are almost fried, cover the pan and lower the heat. Wait 5 more minutes. Everything’s ready! Taste it!

Omelet with Sausages & Tomatoes


  • 6 eggs;
  • 4 sausages;
  • 2-3 tomatoes;
  • salt/pepper/other spices.


Cut sausages into thin round pieces & fry their both sizes a little. Then cut tomatoes in the same way, put them into the pan, right over the sausage slices. Beat eggs into a deep separate plate, mix yolks and glair nicely. If there is a blender at your disposal – use it, that’s fine. Pour mixed eggs into the pan, cover it and leave on a small fire for 3 to 5 minutes. Put a dish onto a wide plate & have a good appetite!


There are two different receipts of this simple dish. Think you need a toaster? Well, you don’t.


Receipt 1, Standard


  • white bread;
  • garlic;
  • cheese.


Dry bread slices on a hot pan. Rub the dried bread piece with garlic, then cover it with a slice of cheese. That’s all. Easy, fast and tasty breakfast.

Receipt 2, French Toasts


  • 5 white bread slices;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 150ml of milk.


Beat eggs into a deep plate, add milk and mix it all up. If you want toasts to be sweet – add some sugar. Dip bread slices into the mix you just prepared. Put dipped pieces onto a hot oiled pan and fry both sides until ruddy crust appears. Then, taste your French toasts!

Watch Your Student Diet!

Eating less makes you feel bad, right? So, whatever happens, try eating normally. Do not let hunger become the reason of your fails in studying. Use these simple receipts to keep yourself in shape. And enjoy your student life!

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