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Teachers Do Impossible: 10 Proofs

Teachers in Classroom

It is a well-known fact that teacher is one of the most difficult professions. The teacher should possess definite traits of character such as patience, endurance, and responsiveness just to mention a few. Unfortunately, many of us often forget how hard this labor is.

Obviously, we think that being a teacher is a boring and non-stressful job which implies preparing for classes and checking pupils’ homework. But to be honest, teachers don’t have 8-hours working day. They work day and night. Moreover, this work entails every possible kind of labor activity starting from communicating with pupils and parents and ending with filling a curriculum. It sounds like “mission is impossible”, doesn’t it? So here are admitted some of the impractical aspects of being a teacher.

Teacher Cannot Forget About Classes

Unquestionably, working and studying are completely different things. For instance, you have a lot of tasks which you should accomplish including school essay, presentation, math, etc. Frankly speaking, sometimes, we can “forget” about classes. Nevertheless, it is only your responsibility. Only you can pass exams and enter the university. On the contrary, teacher doesn’t have a right to be unprepared for classes. He must find the material and provide it in an appropriate way. Just imagine that any teacher is unprepared for class. It doesn’t sound inspiring, does it?

Teacher Works for Idea, Not for Money

We live in the world where the material values come first. It entails luxury apartments, expensive cars, jewelry, etc. The key points here are the social status and career. More people strive to find a job which will bring them a lot of money. Unfortunately, they often forget about satisfaction and propitiation. Your talents and skills should be used in an appropriate way. The great example of this is a profession of a teacher. So when you are staring at English teacher you may ask why she/he hasn't found a better job. The answer is because of following his/her heart. The teacher wants to bear the knowledge, teach children something new, watch them growing and developing skills. Such a wonderful motivation should inspire every teacher. Obviously, it is needless to kill this beautiful motivation.

Teachers Are Also Tired

Nothing is eternal, and nobody can work and not be weary. Even machine has its periods of rest not to mention teachers. Undoubtedly, teachers are not robots. Therefore, their stamina can be exhausted. And their profession, as you have already understood, requires nerves of steel. Sometimes, they are waiting for finishing the lesson not less than pupils do. Needless to say that teachers also can have some plans for the evening. For instance, they have a date or are going to the cinema. Anyway, pay attention to these details when asking for rewriting the test after the last lesson.

Teacher Has to Communicate with All Parents

Teacher and Parent

You’ve thought that parent-teacher conferences are the hell only for pupils? Then you even cannot imagine what it means to be a teacher. Parent-teacher conferences are a nightmare not only for losers but also for teachers. You need to communicate only with your mum, but the teacher should listen to parents of 20 pupils. Evidently, every mother wants teachers to pay attention to her child only and asks millions of questions regarding child’s behavior and marks. In this regard, teacher should answer all questions.

Teacher Should Know Everything

Of course, not everything, but a lot. Many questions are directed to the teacher, and he/she should find the appropriate answer. That is, when you are asking a question the authoritative teacher, he/she must always know the answer. (In any case, if it is a part of the subject.) And your question is a small part of the whole process. This knowledge is accumulated by years, and it required lots of efforts.

Teacher Should Tell Interestingly

We all know how it is hard not to fall asleep during the History classes. Unfortunately, but it is highly likely the guilt of a teacher. One of the most difficult things referred to teacher’s work is to get the pupil’s attention. But not every material can be told in an attractive manner. Just remember the rules of using verbal participle phrases, the formula calculating the area of a triangle and the process of cell formation and you will understand the real tragedy. So when the teacher is talking, and the whole class is listening to him with open mouth, it reveals the high skills of a teacher.

Teacher Must Treat Everyone Equally

Generally, you can have some classmates who you don’t like. In your opinion, they are stupid, supercilious or rude. In this case, you just stop communicating with them. There are always people who you like, and some who you do not like. But it cannot be referred to the teachers. The teacher should assess students only in accordance with one criterion which is knowledge. This means that teacher should be objective as much as possible.

So don’t forget about these aspects while communicating with teachers. Respect and understanding are key elements in good relationships.

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