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10 the Most-Spread Myths About Teachers: Be Ready

Teachers near Blackboard

A school is a place where you spend most of your time attending classes, breaks, and clubs. It is a place full of hard work as well as endless fun. Besides writing original essays or doing math, your school life entails a lot of different emotions. Of course, you must gossip about a new dress of a classmate and share lies about the teacher. But be careful! Don’t think that you are the cleverest and nobody can compare to you, especially teachers. You may think that your teacher is a dinosaur who doesn’t understand anything in modern life. So stop making such mistake and take into consideration the most common misconceptions about teachers.

They Do Not Have the Life Outside the School

Seriously? You think that they spend their time at school by checking homework or preparing for the next lesson? If so, you are mistaken. Teachers are the same human beings like you. You might be shocked if you find out that teachers have some hobbies too. For instance, they can play in a band or attend dance classes. Nothing special, but nevertheless, their life does not revolve around your essay.

They Are Losers

There is a kind of stereotypes that teachers are miserable and pathetic. However, they are not robots, and most of them are cool individuals. You cannot even realize that your teacher is a bright and creative personality. So be careful while putting a cliche.

Their Purpose Is to Make Lives Unbearable

Did you know? Teachers have been planning the whole night how to destroy your life instead of dreaming and sleeping. It is clumsy, isn’t it? In this regard, don’t be paranoid. Of course, there are teachers who make pupil’s life miserable. On this matter, try to communicate with teacher and find out the reason of nit-picking.

They Have No Room for Mistakes

Teachers can make mistakes! And they would be pleased if you corrected them. Teachers aren’t robots; therefore, they cannot be programmed like computers. You should know about the notion of human factor which implies the possibility of making mistakes disregarding age, the color of skin, profession, etc. However, there is no need to shout, "You are wrong!" during the classes. It would be rude and inappropriate. If you have noticed teacher’s mistake, just ask about the confusion with respect.

All Teachers Have a Horrible Wardrobe

Teacher with Red Lipstick

It is a well-known fact that there are two main stereotypes concerning the wardrobe of the teacher. One of them is the “hot” teacher who wears short red dresses and red lipstick. Another image reveals a grey woman who wears long black skirts and lives with no make-up. But in reality, there are many teachers with an excellent taste and a fashionable wardrobe. They just do not wear Sunday's best at school because their primary role is to teach. It isn’t a Fashion Week; it is a school.

They Live at School

If you study at Hogwarts then yes, they live at school. They have their bedrooms, bathrooms, and cabinets. That’s why they don’t want to go home. But to be serious, they don't sleep under desks and make dinners at the school canteen.

They Have No Right to Be Emotional

You may think that all teachers should always be cool, calm, and collected. But believe that they are not devoid of feelings. The teacher also can have a bad mood if their favorite team has lost or if their favorite TV series are ended. It seems that they are invulnerable. But the key point here is just “it seems”.

They Cannot Do Anything So Teach Others

It is nonsense. We think that you understand this. Many become teachers because they love to teach and want to convey their knowledge to others. But it does not mean that your teachers are losers, who have not been able to do something better. Perhaps their vocation is to teach you.

They Are Sneaks

You may think that teachers can only complain. They always tell your parents that you have not done homework or have been late for classes. They create problems, do not they? But don’t rush. Indeed, teachers wish you best. They aren't interested in your failure because it will show their incapability to teach. As a result, they try to find the ways of guiding you.

They Care Only About Notes

We all understand that notes are nor the most important items in life. Nevertheless, there is a perception that teachers pay attention only to the notes you’ve got. Obviously, it sounds awkward because teachers strive to convey more complicated notions concerning ethics, moral, etc. And these aspects cannot be evaluated by notes. So notes are just tools in the education system which do not correlate with the spiritual sphere.

In conclusion, we should admit that these myths are only part of the established concepts. Therefore, it is significant to note that attitudes towards teachers should be changed. As a result, pupils will start to consider the teacher a friend. This will have a positive impact on school routine and encourage pupils to interfere with their mentors.

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