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Persuasive Essay Against Video Games

Cybersport Tournament

It is a well-known fact that many young people spend hours playing video games and sometimes they even gain an addiction to it. Cybersport competitions are held every year and catch millions of spectators. Moreover, several contests have crazy prizes, the total is measured in thousands of dollars. The fun clubs and communities appear every day; they organize meeting and festivals for its members. Nevertheless, it is a funny and amazing way to waste free time, you should be careful with such activity. Here are some points why one should avoid playing video games too much, which may help in writing an essay on this theme.


Today there are too many cruel and brutal games on the market. Of course, manufacturers put age limits on the cover, but in most cases the youth ignores it. The worst thing is when a kid gets an opportunity to play such a thing. There may be lots of violent scenes, blood, murdering, torturing, filthy language and so on. Being mentally weak at an early age makes young one follow the disgusting behavior of game characters. That is one of the major reasons of increasing school violence.

Damages Health

Playing video games too much influences not only you mental but physical health too. While sitting in front of a computer all day one can't get enough exercises, which leads to gaining weight, incorrect posture, lower endurance. Moreover, it is a common thing to have snacks and play games at the same time. In addition, young people usually spend time in the virtual world during the whole night, it violates daily schedule, makes one exhausted and tired.

Gaming Club

Time Wasting

With no doubt, people today spend too much time on such unnecessary things as game playing. Instead of this activity, they might do something more useful, for example, studying, doing housework or helping relatives. Usually young one forgets that video games are just a way to relax for several hours and waste all day playing. Students can miss lessons because of it and adults are usually late for work for this reason. It is a big problem for children as they prefer computer to homework. In such case, parents should control them strictly and limit the time young can spend with their laptops or smartphones.


Spending all spare time in front of the computer makes one's social skills worse. It becomes harder to meet people in real life and make contacts with them. As a result, a person can feel loneliness or lack of communication. It may also lead to conflicts with friends, parents, and relatives because instead of having fun together one prefers video gaming. To solve this trouble nearest and dearest should pay more attention to individual's needs, discover the reason she or he became so enclosed and make a contact.

In the issue, playing video games may be harmful and lead to serious mental problems, conflicts in family or tribe. Sometimes, people addicted to this activity demand professional help. Nonetheless, it is wrong to claim that video games have to be banned, it is definitely funny and enjoyable if one does it moderately.

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