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War Essay Writing

War Machine

“War never changes” – a famous phrase from a popular videogame can be a good tagline for the whole topic. What can be written about the most violent happening in human history? Well, walking aside from the philosophy of Good and Evil (which itself is the first subtopic to think about), there are numerous questions, statements and discussion themes. Each one could become an essay writing topic. Some of them are shown below. See the list of descriptions if you don’t really know what to write about.

Wars in Human History

A man form Switzerland once counted, that the mankind spent only 292 years without wars since 3500 B.C. If to believe this statistic, we can say that the history of humans is the history of our wars between each other.

Wars have always become turning points which mark technological, social, cultural changes and evolutions. Since the times of Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations mankind rulers prefer to solve problems and controversies by force. Alexander the Great; Roman Empire from Julius Caesar to the Emperor Nero; hordes of barbarians destroying the ancient world’s culture; Vikings and their conquests; Russian princes creating their first national realm...

And this is just a small part of war periods which determined the historical development of world civilization. There is a plenty of general and special topics to speak about in your war essay. For instance, one can talk about the influence of Roman conquests onto the evolution of ancient culture in Mediterranean Sea region. Or to talk about the Second World War and its consequences everyone feels even nowadays.

The number of possible topics to write or to buy essay about war in historical context is huge. All you need to do is to choose the particular warfare or time period you want to describe and discuss. After that – the choice is yours.

Wars, Weapons and Equipment

Humans constantly develop the available ways of killing each other. First there were fists, stones, bones and wooden clubs. Then, warriors, hunters and blacksmiths invented bows. After that, came metal swords of different style and type: roman gladius, Vikings’ Carolingian swords, Turkish yatagans and Japan katanas, European light cavalry sabers. Then – first cannons and rifles which brought us to modern arms like artillery guns, pistols, machineguns, automatic and sniper rifles.

With the development of weapons the individual defensive equipment evolved as well. Leather, lamellar, fully steeled knight armor, and so on. All these changes might become a topic of your war essay if you wish that. You can write about the evolution of weapons in general, or describe how a particular weapon or armor type has changed through time.

War and Philosophy, Moral Values, Laws, Honor

As it was already mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are lots of existential, philosophical and moral questions which can serve as subtopics to the theme of an essay on war. Many of them have already been discussed throughout history, others are relatively new.


Is there a place for laws in the line of fire? Can we call any war as the honorable one? Is the veteran warrior to be treated as a hero or as a killer? Is it right to stand for your family, home, country or idea with a weapon in hands? What do you think wars to be – a progress, or a degradation?

Essay on War Heroes

History is created by people. Sometimes it turns out that way one man changes the result of the great battle. And the matter of victory and defeat is in one move, or in one shot. People who were great warriors of their times left their names unforgotten.

King Leonidas of Sparta. Genghis Khan of Golden Horde. Charles XII of Sweden. Napoleon Bonaparte who conquered the whole Europe, and Mikhail Kutuzov who defeated Napoleon’s “Great Army” in two years. Erwin Rommel, Georgi Zhukov, Bernard Montgomery and many others who became war heroes, persons who made the world look as it is right now. Their lives and deeds are worth being described in your essay. Just choose who you like most of all.

War and Modern Human

A modern look onto war and its effects is a separate topic to discuss. Separatism, war on terror, religious wars, etc. All these war types seem to be left in the past, yet they are continued in different hot points of our planet even right now. Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Chad, Nigeria, and many other countries suffer wars on their territories.

What will be the effect of such wars if to think about modern weapons and technologies? Is there any way to stop violence from happening at all? Or maybe you think humans are not ready to stop killing each other? There are even thoughts that big wars are needed because they regulate human population.

Which side do you choose?


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