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Essay on Weapons: Questions and Arguments


Though essay on weapons might seem a topic requiring a special knowledge from a writer, it can be interesting even for pure pacifists who never thought of weapon as an interest or hobby. There is a big variety of subtopics to write about. The article below describes only some of possible variations.

Historical Weapons Essay

Weapon’s story started at the moment when the first ancestor of modern human got the ability of thinking. The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age, the Epoch of Ancient Greece and Rome, etc. Every single period of human history has had the special weapons which characterize it.

Mastering a technology of better swords’ and armor’s production, certain group of humans always tended to dominate their neighbors. Such technological leadership gave the opportunity to dictate one’s will to the others. That is how the evolution of weapons influenced the history of our kind and the planet in general.

Describing the way of humans from a simple wooden club to the latest and the most precise sniper rifles is a perfect topic for your weapons essay.

At the same time, you can choose one separate kind of weapons and write everything you want about it.

For instance, you might pick a “Roman” sword of late Medieval Ages, and describe the evolution which brought that sword to its final shape. Start with gladius – main short sword of the Roman Empire’s infantry in the times of its hegemony over the Mediterranean Sea and whole Europe. Then ancient warriors came to the spathe: its blade was longer and had a different balance than gladius, due to the spreading of horse-riding army units called “cavalry”.

Spathe evolved to Merovingian and later to Carolingian sword type, which generally were shorter, yet had wider and thicker blades to make them more universal. After the smiths discovered a technology of steel production, through times, swords became thinner and lighter due to the qualities of the new weapon alloy.

Same expository essay can be written on any type of arms: bows, lances, axes, pistols, rifles, ships and mechanical siege weapons… Once we come to the period of World War I, you can think about planes and tanks.

Massive amount of interesting facts, different factors which influenced the development of weapon types and shapes, variations of weaponry around the world, modern armies and their equipment: you can use these and many other knowledges while writing an expository historical essay on weapons.

Perspectives of Future Weapons

The topic which is going to fit the freaks. Allows to think, dream and predict.

Modern technologies constantly allow new weapon types to appear. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, machineguns, new tanks and aircrafts, even space weapons…

What will be the future weapon look like? Will future soldiers be humans, or battle machines are going to replace them in the line of fire?

Quite an original essay topic.

Weapons and The World

World Map

There are numerous discussions connected with weapons. Starting from law debates about the right of every citizen to wear it free, and then coming to philosophical thoughts about weapons and their usage in general.

Is there a situation when a modern, civilized human is allowed to use deadly force with the help of a weapon? Does weapon have a reason to exist at all? Are there any ways for humanity to finally refuse violence and armed conflicts?

Controversial and actual topics for opinion essay on weapons.

Nuclear Weapons Essay

One of the most popular weapon text topics. Though, its popularity doesn’t make it too boring. Argumentative essays about pros and cons of nuclear weapons and their usage will not lose their weight in near future. Despite the devastating power of massive destruction nuclear force has, humanity can’t reach the consensus onto the need of its possession.

Someone says the presence of nuclear weapons in the arsenal of the most powerful armies is the necessary restraining factor, saving the world from another great war. The fear of mutual destruction holds the governments of nuclear states away from solving problems by using their armed forces.

Others are standing against any presence of nuclear weapons anywhere. They find the existence of such threat dangerous to the whole mankind. In modern reality, nobody can guarantee nukes to be kept away of evil hands like terrorists, they say.

Satellite Pointer

Which side are you on? Think, choose and write an opinion or argumentative essay on weapons of mass destruction.

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