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Money back Policies Here and Now

As foresight and customer-friendly approach are the main principles of our service and work, we have thoroughly developed the special statements covering the conditions and ways for the customer’s refund. We have tried our best to take into account any possible case when we may be obliged to provide you with the compensation either for technical faults or human oversights.

Nevertheless, we strive to guarantee the premium quality and value of any type of our services that you apply for.

Please carefully look through the provisions below in order to learn more about when and how we can refund your money. Also, note that we start to consider you as the user who agrees with these regulations as soon as you enter this website.

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General Statements

They are basic for our providing the company’s money back service promptly and effectively.

  • Any kind of possible dispute is first examined by the Dispute Department of our company. The experts analyze the situation in which the customer may request for refund, as well as the customer’s claims and arguments. After that the final decision is made and informed to the customer.
  • The normal term for analyzing most of issues and coming up with constructive suggestions for solving them properly is from 7 to 10 days.
  • Taking into consideration the fact that all money refunding cases differ in some details, we appeal to your understanding that there cannot be one standard term for and approach to each of them.
  • Regardless of the case, you should inform us about your money back request within 10 days after the very first order delivery.
  • Your cooperation with us during the process of dispute is highly appreciated. It will help us to find the best possible way to resolve your issue in a shorter period of time.

Compensation Payment Cases 

You are welcome to check on the following instances of the possible money refund. Also, please note that the percentage of your refund may vary due to the particular circumstances.

 Technical Faults

The refund option is available when:

  • the payment for one and the same order is made twice;
  • one and the same order is placed twice;
  • you have been sent a DOC paper file and you have not approved it.

 Deadline Failure

The compensation can be guaranteed only if our writer fails to meet your deadline. However, if it was extended by the necessity of providing additional information from your side and we did not receive it on time, the refund is impossible.

The same can be related to the compensation payment for revision services.

 Service Faults

They cover possible refunds when:

  • we cannot find a writer with the necessary qualification;
  • the quality of the paper does not meet your expectations (in this particular case you should provide reasonable comments on the work and strong claims for the refund).

 Order Cancellation

When you want to cancel your initial order:

  • the refund up to 70% is possible assuming that not more than half of the deadline has passed since your writer started to work on the paper;
  • the refund up to 30% is possible if more than half of the deadline has passed;
  • the refund is impossible after the task is fully completed.