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Terms and Conditions for the Use of Our Site Services

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This Agreement set forth below is intended for the visitors to know what writing services we provide, what rights and responsibilities towards our customers we have, as well as what rights and duties our customers acquire when they use our company’s website and apply for our services.

Prior Statements

Please pay your attention to the following:

  • As you have entered our website, by default you are supposed to acknowledge and agree with these Terms and Conditions as well as with our company’s Revision, Privacy and Money back Policies.
  • We have the right to alter these regulations without informing each customer personally in advance. The notification about the alterations will be placed on the website.


We stick to the following terms to mark the main parties and subjects of this Agreement:

  • For we use:
    • we/our/us;
    • company;
    • website or site.
  • For a visitor of the website we use:
    • you/your;
    • customer or client.
  • For the respective procedures you need to go through in order to avail yourself of any our service we use “order”.
  • For any type of paper that you can order and buy with this website we use “product”.

The Services We Offer

The whole list of our writing services and options is provided in the order form that you will need to fill in if you want to place your order. Below there is a brief description:

  • Academic writing assistance includes completing custom essays, reviews, research papers, dissertations and many more.
  • Business writing assistance includes designing CVs, resumes, cover letters as well as developing business content.
  • Revision assistance covers proofreading, editing and rewriting options.

Pricing Regulations

We provide fixed retail prices for any type of available papers. The prices cannot be changed. Depending on the paper you order, there may emerge a need for additional payment. In this case we are obliged to contact you in advance and provide clarifications or instructions.  

Website Access

All customers are provided with a legal license and therefore gain the opportunity to access and use the website securely and safely. Copying and reproducing, duplicating and selling any content from this website is strictly prohibited, unless you have asked for our company’s consent and received it in written form.

Tyler, Minnesota

After I told my friend, who’s a real computer geek, about your security system, he took it as a challenge and tried to crack it somehow to duplicate some info. But he failed, though he still can’t accept it.

Information, Data and Materials Protection

Whether the information and materials placed on our website are accurate and adequate, you can acknowledge only at your own risk. Our liability does not extend on it.

This site and its content belong to our company. A breach of our right to intellectual property from the side of the customer entails his or her personal responsibility.  

Payment details:

More Information on card details storing:

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to allow us to store your card details for future use. As per our policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to such storing.

How long will card details be stored?

Card details will be stored for 400 days.